The new mobile app for group visiting

  • Visit Together is a free mobile app that allow travelers to create or join small short-lived groups in order to visit touristic places in groups/together. Groups are formed through matching based mainly on the dates of the stay and the selected places of visit.
  • Visit Together also allows you to manage your visit schedule intuitively, while having the possibility to share tips with travellers from all over the world.
  • Visit Together provides "the must to visit", the must-see tourist sites to visit in about twenty cities "Bali, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris...".

Why Visit Together?

Second hand globes. We are friends of very diverse nationalities united by a passion for travel. During our travels, our best moments were those we shared with other travellers. However, we think that opportunities are sometimes too rare, we would like to have them every day! So we decided to create Visit Together to maximize group meetings between travellers. intuitive handling...

Choose the places you want to visit and plan your stay. Don't worry about where to visit! A list of places not to be missed awaits you on Visit Together.

Check other travellers' schedules, do they match? All you have to do is join in! Or you can just propose your plan and other travellers will join you... it's simple, isn't it?

Start a Chat and start the presentations with your future travel companions! Say Hello, share destination information, create your own visit plans and much more.

Unite and create unforgettable memories! Explore, discover, enjoy and share better moments with friends.

...and in practice, who does it help?

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