Bukhansan National Park

북한산 국립공원

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Bukhansan National Park is the only national park in the Seoul metropolitan area and is also known as Samgaksan (Triangle Mountain) because of its three peaks: Baegunbong, Insubong and Mangyeongbong. The park’s many granite peaks and gorges are punctuated by crystal clear streams, creating a perfect harmony between the mountains and water. Rich in biodiversity, Bukhansan is home to more than 1,300 species of plants and animals and boasts a wealth of historical and cultural heritage sites as well as over 100 Buddhist temples and hermitages. With its many ridges and valleys, Bukhansan National Park is very popular with hikers, offering trails suited to every level of experience, from gentle slopes to steep rugged tracks while the ever-changing scenery each season makes every visit unique.